Earth Free Oscillations Reception Experiment

Spectrum Lab

This computer now also has GPS sync.

I decided to do some reception just above the "Earth Tide" region on .00001 to .0001 Hz.  This next up frequency region is the "Earth Free Oscillations" area between .0001 and .001 Hz

These charts are just over two hours long.  The first plot has waves about 18 minutes between points.  Then starts a slow rise.  Its late afternoon  when this was taken, so the rise may be from the moon ocean signals very close to this frequency.  More reception is needed to see what results can be obtained. This may see a mix of the neighbor "Earth tides" frequency.   

The approximate 18 minute waves correspond to .0009259259 Hz which is in the "Earth Free Oscillation" band of interest for this experiment. 

4/5/2018 Recording of 0.0001 to 0.001 Hz in San Antonio Texas

Strange increase in frequency as signal moves up in amplitude from tide influnce.