Earthquake  detected on Earth Tide signals in Texas and Florida

While checking the signals on 10 Feb 2018 , it was noticed that a series of approximately 2.7 Hr. waves suddenly showed up.  Checking the USGS for earthquakes showed a 5.2 level earthquake down past Cuba on the ring of fire line.

The graphic below shows it's location at the time it happened.  The Florida monitoring station caught a few hours of signal after it had been forced to do a win 10 update. (Thanks MS!).  These signals are VERY long! 2.7 to 27.7 Hrs long in the Earth Tide range.  This was only the largest quake at the time.  Several smaller ones in the same area might or might not be a part of what were seeing here.  This is a complicated subject with all considered.  The experts say these waves can persist for weeks on one of the huge quakes.  Like ringing a bell.  The earths oceans being the bell.



This is the San Antonio Tx recording station.


This is a same time plot from Palm Gardens Florida recording station. 

Florida Two ocean mix.



After about 10 hours another quake hits further west that is a 5.3 magnitude.  See the USGS record below.


This was regestered in Florida but not in Texas.