The first full moon "electronic antenna" Signal reception of the Earth Tide Signals. *

Super Moon

*Note:  I am making this statement in the hopes that someone else will prove me wrong!  You can find lots of Earth tide recording equipment world wide.  Even super conducting ones can be had.  Gravity meters, tilt meters, sonic water level measuring tide meters, have all been and are in daily use world wide.  The experts talk about .00001 to .0001 Hz signals being generated in theory.  But direct by signal off an antenna seems to have never been done before now.  Satellite GPS SNR readings from 5 satellites is being researched.  Kind of a high in the sky version of the sonic methods used near shore it would seem.  The reason no one has done this by actual electromagnetic signals on an antenna is rather simple.  Seems most all normal ways of doing things goes belly up in this 100 micro Hertz frequency!  It just can not be done they say with well grounded reasoning.  So the only way to do this is like penicillin was discovered and produced.  Purely by accident!  Which is what I have done with this mode of reception.  Then you try to find out exactly  how that works, Once you know for sure it does!  The how it works part is still to be researched by serious folks with a background in the necessary sciences.  The flat earth people can for sure give you a great reason or two.  And NO I am not a member! :)    As soon as I can I will be posting real time charts as well as month long records where you can see the neap (very low tides) at 90 degrees earth/moon phase, as well as the new and full moon positions.  Cost for this?  One computer trimmed to perfection and the only program so far to do it, Spectrum Lab written by another Ham, Wolfgang Buscher (DL4YHF) in Germany.   I would love to talk or correspond with anyone doing research on Earth Tide "magnetic / electronic" signals.  Anyone know anyone?  Please email me if you would, if you know such a person. 

Another note:  This method has been used for some years to detect and plot the Schumann Cavity background signals.  But that's way up on 7.8 Hz and even though the signals are weaker it is much easier to receive on the power grid.  See the chimney charts on the index page for an example day doing this kind of reception.



Here is a screen shot of todays (Jan31,2018) capture of the signals from earth tides on 100 uHz off the power grid in San Antonio Texas, USA.  This capture is also a rare event of a 30 year cycle of the Moon / earth/ sun, orbits Also a blue moon, blood moon, full moon all at once!.  I don't think the signals will get better than these for 30 years?


super moon

This is a same time plot from Palm Bay Florida.  We suspect this has two different tide patterns mixed.  Their are three basic patterns.  Florida has two of them on opposite coast.  One power grid down the middle between the signal sources would seem to make a confusing hash up of signals.  This will need a lot of study I think!  I hope we can get a West coast version of their pattern to compare.  Then there is the deep ocean ones if we could ever do that!


Florida Two ocean mix.

Florida Earth Tide signals