Below 10 Hz Research
100 uHz to 4.5 mHz for the earthquake plots here.
System Range:  > 10,000 miles so far.


Latest Earth Signals Experiments

Texas Earthquake Recorded
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Earth Free Oscillations Reception
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super moon
Earthquakes Detected on Earth Tides

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Near Panama Quake detected record. >>

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Future demo's for operating programs.

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Flat Panel TOA Lightning Antenna   >>>
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Blitzortung TOA  >>>

Since few people understand where these signals come from, here is link to a great discussion by an expert in the field.

Earths Many Voices a Unified Theory for Pre-Earthquake Signals - YouTube 

Other research explained by Dr. Freund

Living with a Star, Dangerously - Friedemann Freund - YouTube


Note: This shows on our computers when the computer is locked to GPS.  Important for signal timing.


System Overview



Current Projects

1- Reception of the 7.8 Hz Schumann earth cavity signals.

2- Earth Tide   0.00001 to 0 0001 Hz.  Part of the latest on going projects below 1 Hz.

3-Earthquake detection using the power grid for electrical reception instead of mechanical detection of waves. No surface wave delay!

Latest capture

Sample Earthquakes captured.  Just random loggings

Charts are based on the USGS government site.





















Hawaii on 04 May 2018.  Massive M 6.9 Earthquake as seen by the system. 


Longest distance to date 14 Apr 2018


Activity near Volcano in Hawaii.  Note: Unlike normal instruments this system has very little delay to reach the power grid

and register on the plot. < than 200 mSec for the longest path.  About the same as Schumann lightning reception.

More volcano activity. Minutes apart in the same general area.

Hawaii 2.3 M










Twin Earthquakes minutes apart














Below are some snaps of the on going research into the Earth Tide signals.  0.00001 to 0.0001 Hz. 

After the full moon, signals do a massive return.  Daily repeating Sun and Moon tide signals as shown below.

1800 Hr. on the chart is 12 noon local time. About 3 hours level transition time from high to low or low to high.





The signals below have been slowed down on the plot.  This gives several days activity on the same plot.  For seeing the earthquakes just the opposite is needed.  Since the earthquakes are ridding the Earth Tide, it makes it a more difficult task to chart them. It is a slow chase to keep things on the plot when chasing the earthquakes.  Needed is a way to separate these two different activities.

Here is 4 days of Earth Tide signals being modulated by daily earthquakes.  That is the spikes you see on the larger Earth Tide signal. The large signal changes as the 28 day moon cycle goes around the earth.  The sun is a smaller modulation on the Earth Tide signal.  The earth's daily rotation modulates the large wave.

Schumann Projects

More here later as the lightning season changes.

Blitzortung TOA  >>>




Super Globe Weather

  RemoteSPSM Prg. >>>




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This is the original effort of plotting Schumann Lightning out of the Cavity on 7.8 Hz

Schumann Cavity Lightning background
Received on 7.8 Hz via Power Grid


schumann plot

Schumann Cavity Lightning Plotting Example

Looking for Q burst above the Schumann background level.
Recorded during the African Chimney time.

This is the lightning plot mode of the system.  This shows that with Schumann distance doesn't matter to much  This plot was taken 10,000 miles away in San Antonio Texas USA.

UTC Time


7.8Hz signals generated by storms like that shown above.
 Obtained by a special program written for this experiment